A personal favorite of most is fresh canned Figs. Here is a smart way to take fresh Figs and can them without sugar in today's Cooking with Cajun Radio.


With the high rate of diabetes in the Cajun population, this is a perfect so you don't miss your figs with your fresh bread or cush cush (homemade cornmeat cereal)!


tree ripened figs 1 tbsp canned lemon per quart


Use tree ripened figs. Sort and wash carefully. DO NOT use soda for cleaning; it could make figs unsafe when canned plain in boiling water bath canner. Instead bring figs to boil in hot water; let stand 3 to 4 miminutes; drain. This removes the "milk" from the skins and cleans them. Pack in hot jars; add 1 tablespoon canned lemon juice per quart and cover with boiling water. Seal and process in boiing water bath canner: Pints, 45 minutes; quarts, 50 minutes.

Enjoy your canned Figs and take a little and spread on some bread and make a sandwich. MMMMMMmmmmmmm!!!!!

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