Just a little UFC drama brewing as we get closer to the July 10 date of the last of the McGregor vs. Poirier fight trilogy. If you haven't followed along with this build up, I will give you a quick little backstory.

Obviously, this started on Twitter. Long story short, McGregor worked out a deal with Poirier to make a donation of $500,000 to Poirier's The Good Fight Foundation. The donation was to be made after banking information was exchanged. According to MMA Junkie, it was all a done deal. Info was exchanged and the next step was to honor the request that McGregor wanted to know exactly how the donation would be spent by the foundation.

Let's be honest, that's a chunk of change so it would be expected to have the information relayed to the one donating that kind of money. The fight happened, McGregor lost, and it was suddenly radio silence from the McGregor camp about this donation he was making.

Fast-forward to the past day or two, and McGregor gets on Twitter to start trash talking about the last fight of the trilogy. He predicts he will win the fight specifically with a front kick. Poirier hops on and calls McGregor out.

They go back and forth about whether the non-paid promise was a debt or a donation. There was no agreement on the donation hinging on McGregor winning or losing; he was just going to make the donation either way.

After being called out, McGregor decided the last fight is now canceled on July 10 against the Louisiana native. It was confirmed by numerous sources that the donation has been made by McGregor as of 12 hours ago, but no word on the fight being back on. Could this just be a way to hype up this final chapter of the trilogy?

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