According to a press release, there are no plans for the city to interrupt any services, but employees in public works and public safety are preparing for “possible flooding."

Here are a few tips from the City to follow in case of a tropical storm threat or hurricane threat. (In verbatim and in summary.)

  • "Listen to local emergency officials, and follow their instructions." Listen to local TV and radio for updates and information, as well as visit the city website,
  • Stock up with non-perishable food items, water, batteries, flashlights, prescription, medication, and other supplies.
  • "Keep storm drains clear from clogging by removing debris from catch basins." Pick up toys, limbs, and loses items in your yard that could be swept into the street and into a basin, that could “easily” cause a clog.
  • DO NOT DRIVE ON FLOODED STREETS. This cannot be stressed enough. The last big rain caused many automobiles to stall out because drivers chose to drive in areas with flooding. Your vehicle could be swept away from running water, putting you at risk to cause damage to your vehicle, homes, or worse. If you approach a flooded street or area, avoid it and take an alternate route.
  • "Plan for a possible evacuation. Although an evacuation is unlikely, you should have a predetermined destination, and follow emergency routes pre-determined by parish and state officials. Let relatives, friends and neighbors know where you are going, and ask them if they need assistance in evacuation. Lock windows and doors. Turn off electrical service at the main fuse or breaker box if flooding is imminent in the area where your home is located."
  • "Help those with special needs or neighbors with challenging circumstances. Make sure they have a plan of action in evacuating the area. For information on the Special Needs Assistance Program, 911-SNAP, call the City at 491.1392 or 491.8707 or visit"
City of Lake Charles
City of Lake Charles

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