The National Hurricane Center has released their 1 PM advisory on Hurricane Harvey.  Harvey is still holding on right outside the threshold of a Category 3 storm, only 1 mph away.  We don't see much change from the 10 am NHC advisory.

The National Weather Service in Lake Charles said earlier in their live Facebook report on Hurricane Harvey that it is fully possible that he strengthens to a Category 4 before landfall.

Landfall in Texas is expected later on today and this storm is bringing tons of water that it sucked up from the Gulf.  Rainfall is going to be the biggest threat that Hurricane Harvey will pose to SWLA.

As you can see from the above National Hurricane Center graphic, our expected rainfall is slowly getting more substantial with landfall nearing.  Yesterday we were looking at about 10" to 12" of rainfall, what a difference a day makes, now an expected range of 15" to 20" is knocking on SWLA's door step.

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