With the combination of COVID and then a sprinkle of hurricanes, most of the good late-night spots to eat after a night out are either closed forever or close at 10 pm on weekends. My favorite thing to do was to go out on a weekend until the early morning then head to KD's for a pre-bed meal and then go home and pass out with a full stomach. Now, we can't do that. Course, I have adapted and have gone back to my Saturday morning routine of breakfast at KD's. I am getting off track. It seems the only place to go eat 24 hours now is either Mcdonald's drive-through or Waffle House. I have no issue with either of those places, but sometimes you just want another option. Apparently, CiCi's pizza in Lake Charles has the answer.

Aubrey Caldwell
Aubrey Caldwell

Owner James English made the announcement that weekends at CiCi's Pizza in Lake Charles will be a bit longer than normal. Although you can't eat it inside, they will be serving pizza into the wee hours of the morning on both Friday and Saturdays. You can get two large drinks, a large unlimited topping pizza, AND cinnamon sticks for $25 bucks. You can either call in your order, or just pull to the window and order it there. Now THAT is a game changer. I can get my food, get home, and eat pizza on my couch without pants on all at the early hours of the morning. I call that a WIN!

CiCi's Pizza is open on Fridays and Saturdays until 3 am. If you wait past that, you might as well wait for the donut places to open at 4!

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