On Monday, we found out from the governor of Louisiana that the state would remain in Phase Two for the next 28 days. That extension begins this Friday, June 6 when the current order expires.

The state saw a rise in coronavirus cases in the past couple weeks to help the governor with his decision to keep the state in Phase Two. Locally, the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury announced they will have a briefing today at 2:00pm here in the parish.

Press Conference (Getty Images)
Press Conference (Getty Images)

The briefing will consist of Parish and city officials who will update the media and the public on the latest COVID-19 pandemic information. They said many of the speakers will participate through online videoconferencing.

The public is invited to watch the briefing online but will not be allowed on site where the briefing will take place.

You can watch the briefing online in two ways. The CPPJ will post a link before the briefing starts on their Calcasieu Parish Police Jury’s Facebook page and it will also be streamed on the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury's website.

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