I have DJed, MCed, and even officiated many weddings over the years. I have seen a lot and heard a lot when it comes to the demands of the bride or the groom. Some of them are normal and tasteful, while others a touch extreme for my taste. I can remember one bride told me she wanted no Zydeco and no line dances at the reception. I stared blankly in her face.

You do realize you are getting married in Southwest Louisiana, right?

After being asked time and time again for both of those styles of music, I decided to be petty and start a dance line with Come on Ride the Train and sold it on the microphone that it was the bride's favorite song. I made everyone get behind her and do it around the entire room. I still got paid at the end of the night, luckily.

I ran across this post from Reddit from a bridesmaid who needed to drop out from the wedding party due to her being a size 12. It has screenshots of a soon-to-be bride's message to her bridal party. Within that message is a list of demands her bridesmaids must adhere to in order to participate. The list gets very specific as she types.

  • All bridesmaids must be in a size 8 or go to the gym to get there
  • Nails cut short and no color
  • Shoulder length hair and straightened. If not shoulder length, get extensions.
  • Fake tans not allowed
  • No kids allowed at ceremony

Nails and tans I can partially understand. I have seen my fair share of orange-shaded bridesmaids in my time. Having no kids at a ceremony is a new trend happening, but it's not something you see very often down here in the south. As for dress size, I bet it doesn't even have pockets. The bride even mentions her best friend is not the maid of honor, but that she will be a guest with a mutual understanding.

The last thing on her list is a doozy. Apparently, there is a  cover charge to be in this wedding party. She ends her message to the group by saying she is sending them all her Venmo information so the wedding party can donate $500 to her and the groom for their honeymoon.

Apparently, someone in the bride's $500 friend subscription list is on Reddit. The original poster commented a few days later that the bride found out about the post. The self-retired bridesmaid has now been blocked on social media by the bride and is officially uninvited to the wedding. Did I mention it's an outdoor wedding in Kentucky in December?

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