There have been so many reports and speculations on where former LSU player Tyrann Mathieu will go after being dismissed from the LSU Football team this past Friday.

Now it seems we will finally find out where the Honey Badger will go. is reporting that Mathieu will make an announcement this Wednesday,  August 15th on where he intends to transfer.


Tuesday, August 14th 7:22 p.m.

ESPN reporting that Tryann Mathieu will not make a decision about where he's transferring to tomorrow.  Stayed tuned because this story changes by the hour.

Here is the latest:

Former LSU All-American Tyrann Mathieu will announce Wednesday where he will transfer, a source close to Mathieu said Monday, dispelling a report by ESPN that he was considering staying in school this year and applying for readmission to the team for the 2013 season.

The source said the possibility of Mathieu wearing the Tigers' purple and gold again "wouldn't be happening." Mathieu, a Heisman Trophy finalist and All-American cornerback last season, was kicked of the team last Friday for violation of team policies.

As of Monday, Mathieu had visited only McNeese State in Lake Charles. The visit was confirmed by that school Friday. Other media outlets have the former St. Augustine player also considering Nicholls State.

"We're going to support him in whatever he decides, and we'll go from there," Shelia Mathieu, Tyrann's mother, said Monday. "We want to gather all the facts, get the information, then give him all the things he needs to get past this and learn from it."

Mathieu has returned to New Orleans and is staying with his family, which said the focus now is not on football but on Mathieu's personal well-being.

So the world will have to wait until Wednesday to see where "The Honey Badger" will go.  At least on Wednesday, we will get a clear cut answer.

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