Lafayette's KATC-TV 3 has an excellent rundown of the nearly two dozen lawsuits convicted murderer Brandon Scott Lavergne unleashed over the last two weeks.  After all, what else is the guy going to do while sitting in Angola State Penitentiary serving a life sentence? Lavergne pled guilty in 2012 to the murders of Mickey Shunick and Lisa Pate.

The 22 civil claims that Lavergne filed between Wednesday, June 26 and Wednesday, July 3, pretty much have the same gist -- everyone involved in the case against him either lied  or conspired together to put out lies about him.  Lavergne wants 17 of those cases to be combined, and he wants federal court to have jurisdiction over it, since it crosses state lines into Texas.  Here's a brief list of everyone Lavergne is suing -- KATC has further details:

Mickey Shunick
Mickey Shunick (
  • His own sister, for libel and slander -- especially about remarks that he made unwanted sexual advances toward her.
  • His ex-wife, for comments she made concerning past domestic violence.  Lavergne says changes her stories to get the "upper hand" on him.
  • His first cousin, for comments that Lavergne stuck his hand up her shirt.
  • A former cellmate he served time with in prison, for retelling stories Lavergne allegedly told in prison about other crimes.  Lavergne said he only told those stories to keep from losing face with other prisoners.
  • Media outlets, including Dateline NBC, The Independent, The Daily Advertiser and a Lafayette puiblication called 'Busted in Acadiana.  He's suing Dateline for sharing personal photos from his computer and for not "fact-checking" their story.  He doesn't like that they said he has a "dark side," either.
  • Most of the law enforcement agencies that investigated him, including the entire Lafayette Police Department, the Lafayette, Parish Sheriff's Office, the Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office, the St. Landry Parish District Attorney's Office, Louisiana State Police, the Lafayette Parish Public Defender's Office, Judge Herman Clause and 15th Judicial District Attorney Mike Harson, whose office prosecuted Lavergne. Most of these suits are obvious, but Lavergne is also upset that the DA's office confiscated his poems and pictures that he says weren't related to the case.
  • UL-Lafayette for investigating into the matter.
  • His former bank, for freezing his assets after his arrest and conviction.
  • A Church Point woman, a Crowley hairdresser and his former fiancee's father for libel and slander.
  • A private investigator who has publicly raised suspicions that Lavergne also killed a missing girl in Texas who has never been found.

Despite having filed all these charges against everyone and their brother, Lavergne has also stated that his cognitive ability is impaired because of a sleep apnea condition he is not being allowed to remedy while in jail.

Meanwhile, the cases can't be brought to trial unless Lavergne ponies up $400 per case or files a hardship waiver and gets it approved.

Here's what happened the last time Lavergne tried to play as his own lawyer in the courts.

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