Confessed double murderer Brandon Scott Lavergne is so upset about not being treated like a prince during his time in Angola State Penitentiary that he announced he is starting a hunger strike.  You know, like Gandhi ... if Gandhi had been a cold-blooded stalker/butcher.

If you've followed this case, then you've likely seen the chilling video in which Lavergne flatly describes Mickey Shunick's murder.  He also led police to her body in a pretty remote part of Evangeline Parish.  The evidence is stacked so high against this guy -- both for Shunick's murder and the murder of Lisa Pate -- he could run for a week and never get out of its shadow.  And yet, that hasn't stopped him from claiming that he was coerced into a confession.

Brandon Lavergne
Brandon Scott Lavergne (Lafayette Police)

Poor little St. Lavergne thinks he's being treated too roughly behind those charming prison walls at Angola.  Aw, cher bebe.  There he sits, suffering his martyr's fate, his delicate little legs cramped from being locked in his solitary cell 23 hours a day.  God forbid there be no gourmet cuisine for Brandon Scott Lavergne.  God forbid he not be able to sleep on a mattress filled with the finest feathers from an angel's wings.  I bet they even make him use rough toilet paper.  WHAT MONSTERS!

It makes perfect sense for animals like Brandon Scott Lavergne to picture themselves as victims.  If you were in his position, you'd almost have to think like that, wouldn't you?  I mean, if you were left alone in a cell for 23 hours a day, alone with your thoughts, alone with the feel of the blood of those women running over your hands, alone with their screams ringing in your ears, you'd have to embrace the delusion that you're a victim, right?  No sane human being could ever be forced to think about what Brandon Scott Lavergne did to those women and not create some alternate universe for themselves where they're just a patsy.  "No, it wasn't me -- Scout's honor!"

lisa pate and mickey shunick
Lisa Pate (Photo provided by

So now he's holding a hunger strike.  And I think it's awesome.  I think it's magnificent.  Because no one at Angola is going to let this creep die.  They'll have to step in and force-feed him at some point, and I think that's marvelous because I hope Brandon Scott Lavergne lives a long life.  I was originally set to call this post "Murderer Brandon Scott Lavergne Started a Hunger Strike -- and I Hope He Starves to Death."  But I DON'T want him to die.  I DON'T want him to get the death penalty.  I want him to sit in that room, 23 hours a day, starving himself, desperately trying -- and failing -- to shield himself from the memories of what he's done.  I want him to flip furiously through every law book in the Angola library, frantically trying to find some buried little shred of legislation that will set him free -- only because it's the busy work he has to do to keep himself from thinking about watching the life drain out of those women's eyes.

Because he knows.  Somewhere inside that thick animal's skull, he knows what he did.  And he knows they're not going to kill him for it.  He knows he has to LIVE with it, to LIVE with the knowledge that he'll always want to do it again.

Mickey Shunick
Mickey Shunick (

But eventually the law books will run out.  The fantasies will become too hard to keep up.  There won't be any more stunts to try.  There will only be four walls.  And two little female voices.  And the promise of a black morning at the Gates of Hell.  I hope the son of a b*tch is hungry when he gets there.

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