Happy New year everyone.  2016 is officially here.  With that being said I did some thinking and investigating and I found some of the biggest local and Louisiana news stories of 2015.

From the Louisiana governors race to the 10th anniversary of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina to the theatre shooting in Lafayette, it's been a busy year in Louisiana.

Here are some of the biggest news stories of 2015 that happened here in Southwest Louisiana and in the state of Louisiana in my opinion:



#1 -- Trooper Steven Vincent Killed in the line duty

Back in August, Southweest Louisiana was shocked when they found out that a State Trooper was shot and killed right here in our own back yard. Tpr. Steven Vincent was responding to a truck in a ditch due to a reckless driving call.

When Vincent arrived on the scene and approached the vehicle, the suspect Kevin Daigle shot Trooper Vincent in the head.  Vincent later died from his injuries.

It was also learned later in the investigation that Daigle had just killed his roomate in Moss Bluff Louisiana hours before the trooper came in coontact with him.

The outpouring of support for the trooper and his family in the Southwest Louisiana was overwhelming and showed that people here really care.

#2 -- Movie Theatre shooting in Lafayette

Back in July, Acadiana and the rest of the state was shocked when a gunman entered the Grand 16 Theatre in Lafayette.  The gunman entered the theatre and opened fire about 20 minutes into the movie.

11 people were shot and two people were killed.

#3 -- 10 year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and Rita

Wow has it really been 10 years?  A lot has changed in ten years.  First in August of 2005 came Katrina which devistated New Orleans and the Mississippi coast line.

Then in September of 2005 came Rita.  She went right up the guy of the Sabine river and total detroyed Southwest Lousiana and Southeast Texas.

#4 -- Louisiana Governors Race

Jon Bell Edwards, David Vitter and a few others took to the campaign trail vying for the top spot in the state of Louisiana after current governor Bobby Jindal decided he would run for President of the United States.

Things got heated real quick but after a run off between Vitter and Edwards, Edwards prevailed and will be sworn in this year as the next governor of Louisiana.

Lets hope 2016 will be a great year.