Who doesn't want a MaMa or Paw Paw? There's nothing like the love a grandparent can give, which is why Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Louisiana is hoping seniors in the area are willing to volunteer. The idea behind the program is for seniors to help children, especially those in school. Being a part of the Foster Grandparent Program senior volunteers really boost the self-confidence of students by helping to improve reading and math skills.

This is a win, win for our elderly residents and the kids. Program Director Kathy Richard, explained, “The foster grandparent program is for seniors 55 and older, they work in the schools with children struggling academically, have special needs, need more confidence, self-esteem boosting.” Outside of the great advice, companionship, and warm cuddles seniors tell the best stories.

If you would like to volunteer in the Foster Grandparent Progam for Big Brothers Big Sisters click here. Seniors play a big role in mentoring kids of all ages, adding a special kind of love that they remember for life.

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