Some very big brands that have been pretty famous for having some of the best Super Bowl commercials in history are not going to be a part of the game this year.

For many watchers of the Super Bowl, the commercials are almost as important as the game and some only watch for the commercials and the party. We diehard football fans, we watch for the game, while a funny commercial is only a bonus to the experience.

According to WOOD, for the first time since 1983, when Anheuser-Busch launched Bud Light, the beer giant is not going to run Super Bowl commercials this year. One good thing coming out of this, is that the company is donating the money they would have spent on ads to coronavirus vaccination awareness efforts.

Now the beer giant will not totally be boycotting the Super Bowl ad space for some of its main brands but there will not be a Budweiser ad like those with the Clydesdales, frogs chirping "Budweiser" or all the guys saying "Whassup!" These have been some of the best commercials of all time.

PepsiCo is another big brand that won't be pimping its main product. You will on the other hand see ads from their Mountain Dew and Frito-Lay products.

There are several companies like Audi, Avocados from Mexico and a really big one, Coke, who won't be a part of the Super Bowl ads at all.

Many of the big brands are pointing to COVID-19 and the country's economy saying they feel big spending is a risk when people are not in the best of moods under the current conditions.

Even though these companies are large and people still use them, they have all taken hits because many of the uses of their products were not being sold in stadiums, movie theaters and other areas of the entertainment business. Although business has been good, it is not great in all areas.

We will see if other companies will take their places and take the time to stick out in game that will still be highly viewed since it is the biggest sporting event in America ever year hands down.

Hopefully some companies find a clever way to entertain us, but more importantly, hopefully we have an incredible game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers taking on the Kansas City Chiefs at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida.

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