Crowley Police Tuesday made an arrest in connection with a rash of car burglaries on the east side of town that happened in January.

Investigators booked 17-year-old Tanner Bonin on six counts of vehicle burglary after gathering evidence and developing their case. His bond is set at $60,000.


Crowley Police Chief K.P. Gibson praised the work of his detectives, saying:

Our personnel did an outstanding job of taking this case, identifying a person of interest and establishing enough evidence to formally charge this person with 6 counts of vehicle burglary. I appreciate all of our officer’s hard work to solve crime for our citizens.

I agree, Chief. Mine was, in fact, one of the cars burglarized.

A friend of a friend saw the story I wrote in January about being robbed so many times in my life and fed up. She realized she may know something, so she contacted me. It was that action that started the ball rolling.

Thank you to that woman who didn't turn a blind eye to something she suspected. Thank you to the diligent investigators of the Crowley Police Department. If the suspect is guilty, he needs to know their are consequences.


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