If you're having a little trouble with some of your favorite sites today, you're not alone.  It turns out that a hacker affiliated with the group Anonymous has decided to take down GoDaddy, the famous web hosting and domain registrar service.  (Danica Patrick has yet to comment.)

The gang at TechCrush has been keeping tabs on the Twitter feed of the hacker -- supposedly someone from Brazil who claims that the forced outage is part of a plan he doesn't want to talk about yet.  The hacker is taking sole credit for the attack and has stated that his actions are not part of the Anonymous collective.  GoDaddy's services affect a large portion of the web.


Just from seeing these kinds of attacks before, my guess is the hacker is trying to show just how fragile the net can be when too much content is trusted to one company like GoDaddy.  It's a valid idea -- still, in proving a point, these hackers often put a big inconvenience on regular ol' people.  They end up shooting themselves in the foot.  Some of the Anonymous members are trying to make the web a free place, but in proving their points, all they do is make everyone mad.

Yeah, maybe a site like GoDaddy creates security problems for the web.  But they're not the ones who just crashed my favorite sites, bucko.

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