The McNeese Athletic Department has changed the look of McNeese Logo and they have a whole new look to their sports website too!!! Here are some of the changes that McNeese released.


The McNeese Brand

In order to create a more distinct Cowboy brand, McNeese Athletics, in conjunction with the Collegiate Licensing Company and Torch Creative, came up with a new and improved “M”. This new M will not only compliment the ‘Horse and Rider’ primary logo, but will be unique enough to be used on its own. For years the Cowboys and Cowgirls have utilized a widely used block-version of the M, which is similar to other schools around the nation. So a new version of the M was created that is completely unique to McNeese. Not only is it unique, but descriptive as well. The new M was created with a western-style look, complimenting the Cowboy and Cowgirl brand and image.

Along with the new M, fans will also recognize a new McNeese Athletics font. Utilizing the same style as the M, the new McNeese Athletics font is a western-style font that adds modern crispness to its design. Just take a look at the “Enhanced Logo. Enhanced Website. Enhanced McNeese Athletics.” font right now. Once again, this font will assist in establishing a stronger, more unified McNeese Athletics brand that will not only be recognized by local fans, but around the country as well. When our new style is viewed both locally and on the national scale, people will know that we are McNeese.

In addition to the primary logo marks, McNeese Athletics is proud to announce the rendering of a new Geaux Blue logo. This logo was designed to complement the McNeese Athletics font, yet add a sharper, more exciting look to the phrase Geaux Blue! However, keep in mind that the ‘G’ and ‘B’ used in this logo are exclusive to the ‘Geaux Blue’ logo only, and are not part of the McNeese Athletics font. When sporting events are held in Lake Charles, fans are encouraged to overwhelm the stadiums with Blue! When Cowboy and Cowgirl teams travel, fans should have a strong Blue presence! GEAUX BLUE!

New Website

Along with the enhanced logo comes the enhanced! After working hard to create a more exciting, yet cleaner website, McNeese Athletics is proud to show off this product that has been created through a partnership with Sidearm Sports. The new website offers the same tools as the old version, such as Live Stats, Live Video, Player, Coach and Staff bios, Schedules, and more! In addition, the website features new elements that are already in use or will be in the future:

Social Media Integration: The new site is directly tied in to both the Twitter account (@mcneesesports) and the Facebook Fan Page (McNeeseSports) to bring you the most up to date information and happenings in McNeese Athletics! What does this mean? Every time an article is released or an event is upcoming, will send out Tweets and Facebook updates to all our fans! So if you haven’t yet, join the McNeeseSports Facebook page and start following the @mcneesesports Twitter account today! Oh, and if you like to follow the happenings of Athletic Director Tommy McClelland, be sure to start following him on Twitter at @tmcclelland.

Mobile Versions of Site: In an age where cell phones are used for gathering information all over the internet, it is imperative to have a website that is easy to access via mobile device. So try it right now – go to on your mobile phone and start browsing! The new mobile site will include updated articles, upcoming events, Live Stats, and more! Also, for all the iPhone and Android users, there will be a McNeeseSports app created for both mobile devices.

Their website and new logo look awesome to me!!!  What do you think?  Facebook us your comments!!!

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