I actually totally forgot this show was debuting. Animal Planet debuted their newest reality-based program, Louisiana Law, that follows Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries agents around as they investigate everything from theft of crab pots to illegal poaching. The greatest part to take in is that obviously the agents have the accent, but even the narrator has a little spice of Louisiana twang when he talks.

As the show opened, agents investigated complaints about how some random subject is running his crab traps alongside other traps where he is not allowed to be. The agents were shown seeing the suspects sitting next to other crabbers' pots over a five-day span.

Later on in the episode, agents run across a deer in the back of a truck. They decide to pull the driver over just make sure the deer was tagged properly according to Louisiana law. It ended up being a little boy's first deer, but it had been shot by the boy in Arkansas. Long story short, the dad admitted to not realizing he shouldn't have transported the deer across state lines, so he took his citation and the agents allowed the little boy to keep his first deer he ever shot.

Seeing this show really does show the compassion for others in Louisiana. There was a snippet of a man illegally fishing for flounder and the agents ended up taking the confiscated fish to a family in need in the area. If you are already a fan of Lonestar Law, you will really enjoy catching on to Louisiana Law. 

Catch the first episode on Animal Planet's website.

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