An announcement that feels sadly familiar to us all, Angola Prison has announced that the October rodeo has been canceled. Earlier in the spring, the rodeo was still set to move forward, but eliminated the separate ticket sales for the vendor area and the rodeo. The new movement to have one ticket to get in both places meant that the rodeo could limit the amount of people that would be in both areas. This limitation was to help fall into the CDC guidelines at the time. The rodeo announced just a few weeks ago that they were still moving forward with the event, but encouraged everyone to wear a mask as per the current mandate in place in Louisiana.

Annual Angola Prison Rodeo Turns Inmates Into Cowboys
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Just a few hours ago, the rodeo announced on their Facebook page that they will be canceling all rodeo events for October 2021. The reasoning was to ensure the safety and health of fans, staff, and offenders. The rodeo went on to say that they would be refunding all tickets that were purchased, in full. Commenters asking about refunds on the page said that they were already seeing a refund on their card that they used to purchase their tickets.

Here's hoping the rodeo can come back soon, I am sure those inmates have a backlog of rodeoing to do along with a giant stock of hand made items we were looking forward to buying.

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