If you have been keeping up with this story on Cajun Radio, then you have seen the video of the Alabama fan who allegedly assaulted a passed out LSU fan after the National championship game in New Orleans on January 9th.

Now there are reports that the Alabama fan in question is on his way to New Orleans with his attorney to turn himself in to authorities.

Alabama Fan

Here is the latest reported by WGNO in New Orleans:

The man featured on cellphone video inside the Bourbon Street Krystal burger and wanted as a person of interest in a sexual battery of a passed out LSU fan could be Brian Downing, according to Russell County, Alabama Sheriff Heath Taylor.

As of 3 p.m. Thursday, Sheriff Taylor says Downing is currently en route to New Orleans with his family and attorney to meet with New Orleans Police sex crimes investigators.

The Sheriff says he ordered Downing to travel to New Orleans immediately upon learning of his appearance in a viral video which features a man putting his genitals on the neck of a sleeping man in LSU attire at the crowded Bourbon Street restaurant presumably after the BCS Championship game between Alabama and LSU in the Dome January 9th.

Have you seen the Video?


We will keep you updated on this story!

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