A&E's show 'Cajun Justice' hasn't even finished it's first full season yet there is already trouble on the show.  TMZ is reporting that new Sheriff of the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Department has fired the cast of the show.

Here is what we have learned about what happened.

Jerry Larpenter, who is the newly elected sheriff,  took nearly 74 percent of the vote, beating local business owner Norman Schieffler Jr. back in October of 2011.

On July 1, Larpenter replaced one-term sheriff Vernon Bourgeois, who announced earlier last year that he would not seek re-election.

Bourgeois and the deputies fired were the one's feature on the show.

Here is a preview of what the show is about:


Here is the report from TMZ:

Well folks, there's a new Sheriff in town ... and what that means for the cast of A&E's hit reality show "Cajun Justice" is ... they're NO LONGER ON A REALITY SHOW.

If you didn't know ... "Cajun Justice" follows Sheriff Vernon Bourgeois and his team of deputies while they fight crime in the swamps of Louisiana ... that is until a new Sheriff took over (after filming wrapped) and decided to CLEAN HOUSE.

The Terrebonne Sheriff Dept. tells TMZ, the new head honcho -- a guy named Jerry Larpenter -- FIRED 24 people on his first day ... including 5 of the 7 cast members featured on the show. An additional 6th cast member quit to support his fellow comrades.

We're told ... not only did the new Sheriff can most the cast, but as of July 1, he banned producers from following ANYONE in his department.

Fortunately for producers, they had already shot enough footage to finish out Season 1 ... but there will be no NEW episodes featuring members of Larpenter's team.
The Terrebonne Sheriff's Dept. confirmed, "We are no longer participating in the A&E show."

Source: TMZ

Did you watch the show?  It is unknown at this time if A & E will try and find another department in Louisiana to use to keep the show alive or not.  We will keep you posted!

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