If your name was Jack Daniels, what would you name your son?

Well, if you're Jack Daniels Leathers of Houma, La., you would name him Jim Beam, of course. Jim Beam Leathers. Why not?

The Houma Courier reports that Jack, 31, (or more importantly, his wife Lydia ,23) had the little tyke on Nov. 14. They've been planning their child's unusual name since their first date.

Wait -- this gets weirder.  The judge that married Jack and Lydia ... was named Johnny Walker.  And none of this is over yet:

“I've always tried to do stuff out of the ordinary, to do things differently than other people,” Lydia said. “It's hard to find a name that you like that nobody you know has. It was all Jack's idea. I just went along with it.”

If they have more children, Jack said the tradition won't stop with Jim.

“If we have another child, our second born will be Evan Williams, after the bourbon. If it's a girl, she will be Sherry, like the cooking sherry,” he said.  -- Houma Courier

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