So you want to check out some exclusive, and yet fun spots in Louisiana? I have a list of 7 spots that you may be familiar with, and some that you may not be. Check out these locations that you can take a family trip to, or just have a quick couples getaway that I am sure you will enjoy.

Louisiana Castle: This beautiful place is a replica of an English Norman Keep Castle and is located at 47168 Highway 10 in Franklinton, La. Many people rent out the facility for family reunions, and for a wedding that celebrities could only dream of. This is the location for you to consider investing in for that special occasion. If you are interested in renting out this castle, contact 985-839-9988.

Briarwood: This was the home of Author, and botanist Caroline Dormon. She left the property to the public after her death, and many have visited this landmark location over the years. The available times to visit are March, April, May, October, and November, which would be great for the holidays. The home is located at 216 Caroline Dorman Rd, Saline, Louisiana.

Liberty Lagoon: This is a relatively new water park for the entire family to enjoy. There are several water slides, a lazy river, and a surfing simulator that can help you wear the kids out or even yourself that could eventually lead to a great evening of rest or other fun activities. It is located at 111 Lobdell Avenue, Baton Rouge. Get the family together for a great time and weekend.

Cajun Palms: Here is another hidden spot for family fun and adventures. This is a luxury campground that includes a volleyball court, a miniature golf course, and pools on top of pools. Your kids will love you after an eventful day or weekend here. It is located at 1055 North Barn Road, Henderson, Louisiana.

Holly Beach: This is not too far away from here in Lake Charles. What I didn't know is that this area is known as the "Cajun Rivera". A beach is really a great place to vacation with the family, and you'd be surprised at the folks who come here for a weekend of fun and good times at Holly Beach. You can not only camp out on the beach but consider renting a cabin for the weekend.

Fairview Riverside State Park:  This park is located in Madisonville, La, and while it resides on less than a hundred acres. The beauty surpasses what many would expect. Also while you're there, you can tour the Otis House that was built in 1880 and is a historical landmark proclaimed by the National Register of Historic Places.

The Rock Chapel: The distinct and quaint landmark is located in Mansfield, Louisiana. It was built in 1891 by the Carmelite Monks. The chapel is still firm and standing after all of these years. In order to take a tour, you have to reach out to the DeSoto Tourist Bureau. They have the key to the locked gate in order for you to roam and take a tour of the facility.



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