As work continues to revamp the Isle of Capri, Porche Aerial Imagery was tasked to get a birdseye view of the demolition project being handled by Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition. The demolition company is no stranger to the Louisiana area, they were tasked back in June to demo the long-standing Cortana Mall in Baton Rouge.

Facebook, Porche Aerial Imagery and Lloyd D Nabors Demolition
Facebook, Porche Aerial Imagery and Lloyd D Nabors Demolition

The demolition is part of the large project to completely re-do the property and transform it into the brand new Horseshoe Casino Lake Charles. With the pandemic followed by two hurricanes, the Isle of Capri took a beating leaving it torn to shreds, and its casino floating free and running into the I-10 bridge. The Isle's parent company, Caesars Entertainment pulled the trigger on revamping the entire property to bring it up-to-date and ready to compete with the other gaming properties in the area. The new property will feature over 60,000 square feet of gaming space and boast close to 1,000 slot machines and table games. It will feature a live poker room, sportsbook, and a brand new hotel tower with over 250 rooms.

In order to build new, you've gotta get rid of the old. That's where the Nabors Demo team came in. They got to work on the tower of the old hotel and began chipping away at it piece by piece. Porche Aerial Imagery was there to capture all of the action as the cranes went to work. Demolition is certainly not new to residents of SWLA as we all rebuild our homes and businesses, but it is really unique to see a building of this age take its last breath as it comes down. It will also be neat to see how different the Lake Charles skyline will be after it comes down, and the new building is put back in its place.

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