Tropical Storm Cindy is bearing down on Lake Charles and our surrounding listening area.  Flooding will be the major impact of this storm.  Currently Cindy is battling a high pressure system at the top of the Gulf which is resulting in the storm being lop-sided.  With the current form of the storm, the worst rainfall will be on the east side of the eye of circulation.  So New Orleans, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Eastern tip of Florida will feel the hardest rains of Cindy.

As of right now the storm is stationary, which is not good for SWLA.  It will have plenty of time to soak up the warm Gulf waters and gain strength.  Even though flooding is being seen as the biggest threat of this storm you can't discount the wind.  During the storm, you need not be outside where you can get hit by flying debris.  Stay indoors and be safe.

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