We announced the lineup for the 2022 Marshland Festival last month, but we had not quite received the information about tickets. Typically, you have the option to buy your tickets ahead of time, this year will be a smidge different. We reached out to the organizers of the event to be able to pass the info on to you.

Ticket prices will be the same as usual. Friday's show will be $15 per person while the much longer Saturday show will be $20. In order to get your tickets, the change is that they will not be selling any online this year. You also won't be able to buy them before the event anywhere. It's not a huge ordeal, most of us are used to paying admission for events as we get there. The prices will be $15 and $20 at the door depending on the day you go. You can, however, win tickets, and get them in your hand, before the event!

Buddy Russ
Buddy Russ

Beginning next week, make sure you listen all day to see just how you can win your very own pair of Marshland Festival tickets. We have tickets for the Friday and the Saturday shows, and you can be one of the first to have them in your hand! Not only will we be giving them away on air, but we will also have some to give away on remotes. The only way you can win is by listening, so get ready to listen all day and win your very own pair of tickets to the 2022 Marshland Festival!

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