What started as a small event 20 years ago to help raise money for the Banners Series at McNeese has grown into one of the most sought-after events in the area. Rouge et Blanc is a 4-hour wine tasting event features wines from all over the country and world allowing guests to make their way around the entire event tasting their favorites. Should you find something you like, you can order a bottle or case right there at the event.

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Not only do you get to taste amazing wines, but you get to sample foods from some of SWLA's finest restaurants and chefs. You can sample all of the food and the wine you can possibly handle, all for free with the purchase of your ticket.

The purpose of McNeese Banners is to promote the amazingly diverse culture we have in the area by helping showcase it for everyone to see. The Banners Series features various entertainment, authors, artists, and musicians alike to further show not only our culture but the cultures around us. Rouge et Blanc is just one of many events that helps raise money for the Banners Series.

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Tickets for this event will go on sale at 9:00 AM on August 5. Typically by 10:00 AM, they are sold out. Tickets are $125 each and the event is on October 8 from 2p-6p.

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