If I could send up my Christmas list to old Saint Nick. I have a major request for some of these restaurants that I have gone to maybe once or twice and wish that we could have them here in Lake Charles. Sure it may be wishful thinking, but some of these establishments are truly landmarks in certain places, and man would I be happy if they were here.


The first time I had this was last year while in Baton Rouge visiting my family during the hurricanes. I am obviously used to the chicken strips from Chick- Fil- A, and Raising Cane's, but Zaxby's is on another level to me. Whether it's the sauce, the seasoning on the strips, or the hot fries. I was content and visited that location at least twice a weekend while I was there.


The good news is that we will be seeing the return of McAllister's coming to Lake Charles. I have talked about my love for the club sandwich, White Chocolate Cookies, and of course the sweet tea. While there is still no date on the release, I will be there once they are reopened.


There were rumors years ago that we would be getting a Hooters for years but it never came to light. The nearest is either in Lafayette or Beaumont and they are worth the trip. But wouldn't we like to have some of those flavorful wings right here in the city?

Route 61

This is another restaurant that I had the pleasure of having in Baton Rouge. I had a burger from this place that was one of the best and I also shared some appetizers with my in-laws. If we could have something like this in Lake Charles, I could see this restaurant is packed every weekend with folks out the door.


They claim they have the world's best hamburgers and you know what I just might have to agree. My experience with this comfy food establishment was discovered when I visited my son some years ago in Houston. Everything from the toppings to the extras is fresh and fulfilling with every bite.

Roscoe's House of Chicken And Waffle

Sure everyone is doing Chicken And Waffles now, but there is nothing to me like Roscoe's. The food and the ambiance of the restaurant are friendly and fun. You want to get the favorite there, but really you can't go wrong with whatever you get on the menu. As much as the people in Lake Charles love great food, I believe that this would be a hit here.

Turkey Leg Hut

I have never had a turkey leg the size of the one that I received from this spot. Whether you want it stuffed with the Cajun Crawfish Mac and Cheese, Alfredo Shrimp Stuffed Turkey Leg, and Hennessy Glazed Turkey. This is also a place that I can not possibly go to every week as I would be a lot larger than I am now if that was the case.

In -N- Out Burger

The people on the West Coast love it and I am right there with them. While they aren't the biggest burgers, they are good and with quick and friendly service you can literally get in and out with your food and still have time to spare. I don't know exactly where they would place them, but come on Lake Charles can we make this happen?

Maggiano's Little Italy

My wife had this with a friend of hers when she was at a conference for her job one time. We were able to visit the restaurant again for her birthday over the summer. The food there is fresh, authentic and will have you loosening up your belts after having a meal there. Lake Charles would be a great place for them to branch out a little.

Cheese Cake Factory

Ok, I have to be honest I have never been but just like so many famous celebrities and people in other places I want to go as well. The funny thing about it is that I am not the biggest fan of Cheese Cake, but just like so many other things it'll just be about going there. If we could get one somewhere in Lake Charles, I think I could make that happen.


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