The first rule of Cajun/Creole cuisine is to never argue with natives of the Bayou State. If your Louisiana inspired dish isn't up to par, not only will we not eat it, but we'll most likely inform you of your failure. We pride ourselves on our honesty, and that's just the way it is.

The second rule is that Gumbo is not soup, and don't argue with us about it.

The third rule, if by chance there's no juice in your gumbo it's just rice and gravy, and that becomes another argument in itself.

Below are 11 gumbo recipes I can't begin to explain. Though several of the dishes would be fine being called anything else, the coveted title of "gumbo" wouldn't be one of them. To my fellow Louisianan's and anyone outside of the state who knows what real gumbo is, brace yourself. What you’re about to see is shocking!

Nice presentation, but it's still not gumbo. And is that a clam?! Ugh...

*Squints* What is it?

I'd try it, but not if they're sticking with it being gumbo. It's not.

Say something nice.

Update: *If you’re having trouble seeing this photo, it’s probably because it’s been deleted.* Mission accomplished.

Luckily, a friend of mine took a screenshot and shared it to their Instagram account.

Another one of those dishes I'm willing to try, but not if they're going to insult my heritage.

Umm, no...

Just, no... And you reading this, don't use that kind of language around the kids. Sheesh.

I thought it was General Tso's Chicken.

Not on duty.

I'm all for eating healthy, but gumbo isn't one of those things I'd ever try to put in that category. Call this anything else, but not gumbo.

*Repeatedly smacks forehead*

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