If you weren't in the audience in December when Cajun Radio held it's Listener's Lounge with Chubby Carrier, you missed a great show.  Chubby's not only a great musician, but a great storyteller, too.  So if you missed the show, we're giving you a chance to see it in a new video web series starting next week!

Patricia F. Anderson

It's part of a little overhaul we're doing with Cajun Radio's Backstage Pass.  With Backstage Pass, we're aiming to bring you the most exclusive Cajun and Zydeco music on the web, bringing you videos, interviews and performances you can't get anywhere else.  Every other field of music has it -- why shouldn't Louisiana music?  With Backstage Pass, we're making Cajun music a multimedia event.

So, starting Tuesday, we'll be posting new video episodes of our six-part series, "Zydeco Storytellers," starring Chubby Carrier, along with washboardist Earl Sally and guitarist Randy Ellis from The Bayou Swamp Band.  Chubby not only talks about his Zydeco roots, but where some of his songs come from.  He tells us about his relationship with his father, and his father's legendary club in Lawtell -- the Offshore Lounge, where many musicians like Geno Delafosse, Beau Jacques and Keith Frank got their starts.  And, oh yeah -- there's also some great music performances, too.

The new Cajun Radio Backstage Pass page will become your one-stop shop for new Cajun and Zydeco information and performances.  If you want a sneak preview of the new Backstage Pass page, check it out!  It will go live along with 'Zydeco Storytellers' next week!  We hope you enjoy it!