This year was the one in which "Swamp People" became a household name, but also a year in which the show suffered some loss and some disappointment.  It was also the year when the saga Mickey Shunick gripped us.  But it was also the year Joshua Ledet lit up our hearts and TV screens with his amazing talent -- 2012 was a dynamic year, for sure.

Lafayette Police

Back in July, the search for UL student Mickey Shunick was still in full swing, and there were several false alarms.  The media was following investigators' every move, and even though they were closing in on new information, it was frustrating to see them come up empty-handed.


It was a rough year for reality TV stars, not the least of which was Big Brother's Willie Hantz who got arrested after a good ol' bar brawl.


Sexually assaulting a passed-out person in a fast-food restaurant is a bad life choice.  It's especially bad in an age of camera phones.  Someone's gonna tape that mess, son.  Better off to keep yourself zipped up.  Even though the incident occurred the night of national championship, the indictment didn't come down until May.

American Idol

We're still waiting for Josh Ledet's first full-length CD, but in the meantime, we can make do with this EP that "American Idol" released of the studio recordings from the show performances.

The image is a chilling one -- a killer on the hunt for his next victim.  And yet, that's exactly what happened with Brandon Scott Lavergne in the murder of Mickey Shunick.  This was our first inkling of just how depraved this story would turn out to be.

History Channel

The death of Mitchell Guist was just one of a few blows the show "Swamp People took during 2012.  The official cause of death was "natural causes" after Mitchell died at the age of 47.

Orange County, Fla.

And just after "Swamp People" fans finished laying Mitchell Guist to rest, the news broke that Trapper Joe beat up his girlfriend in Florida.  Which was news to his wife.  Yikes.

History Channel

Season 3 was "Swamp People's" biggest yet, and once the word came down the show was returning, people wanted to know as much as they could find.

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Gator hunting sounds cool ... it looks cool ... but does it pay worth a darn?  Mike Soileau breaks it down for you.


The first of many posts we did with LSU vs. Alabama pics from Facebook.  Finally, Facebook has reached its true potential.

Shunick family

In what turned out to be the final chapter of the harrowing saga of Mickey Shunick, we learned how she fought like a lion to stay alive.  And we learned the depths of evil within the soul of Brandon Scott Lavergne.


It was so much fun, we did it again.

Orleans Parish Sheriff's Ofice

It was THE video from the first part of 2012 -- the "I can't believe what I'm watching" moment when Brian Downing sexually assaulted an LSU fan that had passed out at a Krystal Burger.

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It was only up for a moment -- a Facebook post from Joshua Ledet that confirmed what we all knew would happen.  Josh told us he'd signed a great deal.  Then, just as suddenly, he pulled the post down, and we've heard nothing from him since.  We're dying to hear more, Josh!

History Channel

Face it -- it's the show everyone wants to be on.  And these guys come poking around South Louisiana several times a year trying to cast the show.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll see someone you know when Season 4 kicks off.