The Back Door

D.L. Menard Playing “The Back Door” Live [VIDEO]
Here is another great Cajun musician of our time, D.L. Menard, who has been playing Cajun music for 64 years now. Wow 64 years or since the age of 16.
D.L. Menard was born Doris Leon "D.L." Menard  in Erath, Louisiana in 1932 and was an only child. In his bio it says that D.L. was part of a…
DL Menard’s “The Back Door” Video
This is a video of DL Menard with Aly Bain & Blackie Forester on accordian performing "The Back Door", From 1988 documentary Aly Meets The Cajuns.
What is really cool about this video is that DL explains how the song came about and why it was written.