Jamie Walden who is currently serving in the United States Air Force as an Airmen in Shreveport Louisiana has put out a video asking NFL star Tim Tebow to her Military ball.

The video has gone viral.  Have you seen it yet?  Well check it out!

The video has been viewed now over 419 thousand times.

When this video was posted,  the video also had this plea with it:

Jamie Walden's video asking Tim Tebow to the 2012 Military Ball in Shreveport, LA. She is an active duty member excited to attend her first Military Ball. The Ball represents the honorable and prideful Airmen that serve the nation and their community. It would make the night that much more memorable for the entire ARK LA TEX community if Tim attended. Please say yes, Tim!

---Source Youtube.com

So will Tim Tebow say YES?  Well at last report there has been no response from the Tebow camp.  This story however is getting national attention!  Stay tuned and lets see if Tim says yes!