Well Lake Charles and Lafayette Louisiana were represented yesterday on national television. Yesterday, Leann Manuel from Lake Charles got some camera time on NBC's "Today Show".

You can see in the pictures Manuel is holding up a sign talking about the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees. At the bottom of the poster she is holding up, you can see the words Lake Charles and Lafayette, La.

We have a few pictures of her on TV when NBC's Al Roker was talking about the weather.

Miss Manuel's sign reads :

These Cajun girls Heart Sign ( LOVE) Drew and our Saints But...We'll support ...Eli and the Giants without complaint!!!  Lake Charles and Lafayette, La


I am friends with Leann  and was told that she was going to the show and if you know Leann like I do, she was going to make sure she got on TV LOL.  So I DVR'd the show yesterday and there she was!

Kind of cool to see Lake Charles and Lafayette represented on national TV huh?

Well in case you missed it we wanted to pass it along to you!