Last night, a new episode aired of the popular show "Cajun Pawn Stars" on the History channel and it featured legendary Cajun music artist Jo-EL Sonnier. On the show, someone had brought in a Monarch accordion to sell.

The folks at Silver Dollar Pawn (The store in Alexandria, La that is featured in the show) did not know if it was a fake or the real deal so they called in an expert.  Jo-El Sonnier! We have the video for you to see what happened next.

Here is a little about the legendary Jo-El Sonnier:

Jo-El was born in Rayne, Louisiana to poor, French speaking sharecroppers. He began to play the accordion at three years of age. Jo-El is known for classic Cajun songs like Tes Yeux Bleu, Jolie Blon, and Chere Alice.

Along with countless Cajun music albums Jo-El has released,  he also hit the national Country music scene in 1987 when he was signed to RCA records.  He released "Come On Joe" on RCA records which spawned several Top 10 hits including “Tear-Stained Letter” and “No More One More Time”.

The sounds of his accordion can be heard on the albums of such great legends as Hank Williams Jr.,Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson, Robert Cray, , Neil Diamond, Mark Knopfler, Elvis Costello,Merle Haggard and Dolly Parton among others.

Jo-El has lent his talent on the accordion to more than 100 Artist records.  In October 2009, Jo-EL was inducted into The Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.

Jo-El is truly an expert when it comes to Cajun accordions and this just proved it!