The new season of Duck Dynasty on A&E is getting some huge ratings and the show is only three weeks into their new season. Did you know that Duck Dynasty is the most watched series on the A&E cable channel?

Here is a video sneak peek of the two new episodes that will air tonight.

The first episode that will air tonight at 9:00 p.m. Central time is called "Hallu-Si-Nations". Here is a preview of what the episode will be about:

With Willie out-of-town, the guys decide to flake off work and leave to brush up the duck blinds on the Robertson land. While out, Si believes he spots what he thinks is the infamous "Black Panther," which leads the naysaying men on a mission to prove that what Si saw was an apparition of his imagination. Back at Phil's house, Phil enlists the help of his football playing nephew and his fellow teammate to do chores, citing that this will "make them better football players."


The second new episode that will air tonight at 9:30 p.m. Central time is called "Let's Go Hunting, Deer". Here is a preview of what the episode will be about:


Willie and Jase invite Korie and Missy along on a deer hunt because they believe their wives have become too "city." The Do's' and `Don't's of hunting are doled out in the woods and subsequently broken creating arguments husbands and wives know entirely too well when dealing with the opposite sex. At Phil and Kay's, Miss Kay decides she wants to frame Phil's original blueprints from the first duck call he created. Only problem is finding it first amongst her hoards of belongings. Si pitches in the search effort as well only to be distracted by the treasures he keeps finding amongst Miss Kay's junk.

Source: A&E

Haven't ever seen the show? Well "Duck Dynasty" chronicles the lives of the Robertson's who run a Duck call business called "Duck Commander". What is unique about these North Louisiana folks is their high jinks, big beards along with their hilarious ways which makes the show a big hit!

The new episodes air every Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. Central time on the A&E channel.