Drew Brees was on the "Mike & Mike" morning radio talk show on ESPN this talking about everything from the bounty scandal to his contract negotiations with the Saints.

Here is what Drew had to say.

"Why do contract negotiations take this long anyway?" Brees asked. "It should be a much more simple process than it is. Certainly, it comes down to certain provisions of the contract. There are little things here and there that take time to resolve."

Brees said he still remains confident that the two sides will forge an agreement before the looming July 16 deadline to complete the contract.

"In the end, the organization typically starts off at one place and the player starts at another," he said. "You find a way to compromise and meet in the middle and do what's fair and just. I'm confident we'll reach that point hopefully sooner than later."

A question about how the league has handled its bounty program investigation elicited the strongest reaction from Brees.

"It's been very disappointing," Brees said. "It's been embarrassing, not just for the league but for all of us who are associated with the league. This is a black eye, regardless of, at this point, whether the investigation shows guys are innocent. ... I think it becomes more and more clear that the NFL had a predetermined conclusion that they wanted the investigation to turn up."

Source: NOLA.com