It happened in Florida and made national headlines -- a man, crazed out of his mind on 'bath salts,' tried to eat another man's face.  Now, it's happened in the town of Scott, according to KATC-TV3 in Lafayette.

Carl Jacquneaux, 43, went over to Todd Credeur's house, got into a fight with him, and started gnawing away on his face.  Credeur had to use wasp spray to get Jacquneaux off of him.

But wait -- it doesn't end there.  By the time police caught up with Jacquneaux, he was at another friend's house, holding him hostage!  He also had a knife and a stolen gun.  Friendship is tough sometimes, isn't it?

So was he on bath salts?  According to the KATC report, a friend said he was.  But toxicology reports haven't been done yet.  Regardless, it sounds a lot like the "Miami Zombie" incident that just went down.

Jacquneaux was booked into Lafayette Parish Jail on multiple charges of battery and burglary, as well as violation of probation. Credeur was treated in hospital and then released to recover at home.