This is how it starts. Just a bunch of storms meandering over warm tropical waters. Then it becomes Tropical Depression 2. This one looks like it will head directly west over Mexico and pose no threat to us.


This tropical depression is currently centered over the Bay of Campeche and has sustained winds of 30 MPH. It is not expected to strengthen a little with maximum sustained winds reaching 45 MPH before making landfall on the southern Mexican coast. It would be great if all of this years storms fizzle like this one is going to. I would not count on it.

Long time gulf residents know that the gulf will warm to almost bath water temperatures during the summer and that is very conducive to hurricane formation. The good news is that the gulf waters are not that warm yet. My wife and I spent last weekend in Galveston swimming in the gulf and it is still a little cool. We will keep an eye on this tropical depression  and keep you up to date.