So with all the drama surrounding the Jordan Jefferson bar fight situation, the LSU football team now has to deal with losing one of its wide receivers now too. The Tigers have now lost receiver Russell Shepard for who knows how many games due to a NCAA violation.

LSU wide receiver Russell Shepard has been declared ineligible by LSU for violation of an NCAA rule, it was announced Thursday.

LSU will seek reinstatement for Shepard but he is expected to miss a number of games until the reinstatement can be considered by the NCAA. He can continue to practice with the team.

Shepard has been found by the NCAA and LSU to be in violation of Bylaw 32.1.4. Shepard was determined to have discussed an NCAA inquiry with a teammate who was scheduled to meet with an NCAA representative and his actions were deemed to have violated NCAA protocol.

No timeline has been determined for the reinstatement process.


Ok, so is anyone else wondering if we had a hurricane that went threw the LSU campus that we didn't know about and jacked up the Football program??? What do you think about the state of the Tigers with all the drama going on?