In what has to be our easiest contest, we’re entering people into a drawing to win $1,000! What do you have to do? Just go to Facebook, hit up our Seize the Deal page, and ‘Like’ it! Instant entry! Bam -- you’ll get updated on the latest deals and have a chance to win a grand. But what are you going to do with all that loot? After all, there are some things that can only be bought in Louisiana. Here’s a few ideas, Cajun style…

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    Get a truly amazing amount of shrimp out the back of a truck.

    That’s right, kiddies. You can’t do this one in Chicago. Only in South Louisiana can you buy high-quality shrimp out the back of a 1987 Suburban. Eat it, Yankees! (No, really, Yankees – eat it. These shrimp are delicious!) The exact amount of shrimp you can buy depends on how the prices look in any given season. It’s capitalism at its very finest. Of course, there is one drawback to this one. Who wants to peel $1,000 worth of shrimp? Our recommendation – save some of the cash and pay someone to do the dirty work for you.

    Flickr / WordRidden
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    Buy somewhere between 125 and 150 daiquiris from a drive-thru

    We’re legendary for this one. Louisiana’s drive-thru daiquiri shops are the envy of … some of the nation. It’s all good so long as you leave the paper on the tip of the straw. But yeah, picking up 150 daiquiris at a drive-thru might send up some serious red flags. Our recommendation -- put the $1,000 in an account somewhere so it draws interest, and consider your daiquiri budget secured for the next several years.

    Flickr / Hugo Pardo Kuklinski
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    Get around 50 actual baby alligator’s heads from various gas stations

    Again, not something you can commonly do north of I-10 – and something you can do mostly ALONG I-10. God bless Louisiana, but we just want to give parts of our culture to everyone who passes through. That means making baby alligators’ heads available for tourists at travel stations. It’s a fine way to spend a $1,000 – especially if you want people to think you’re a bad-ass … or an anti-environmentalist.

    Scott Lewis
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    Get about 200 lbs. of boiled crawfish from the back of a truck, a drive-thru OR a gas station

    Look, we’re about convenience here in Louisiana. You want boiled crawfish (and let’s face it, you do) someone will find the easiest way for you to get it. Like the shrimp, the actual amount of crawfish you can get with $1,000 will vary by season. The drawback – can you eat 200 lbs. of crawfish by yourself? Can you imagine what your fingers would look like when you got through with that? Our recommendation – do the same thing you did with the shrimp. Get someone to peel them for you. But then, don’t share with them. (Hey, you already gave the peeler some money. What are you, a saint?) Freeze the tails and save them for when the season ends.

    Flickr / lsgcp