The problem with youth sports can usually be summed up in one word, adults. Yep, adults are what cause a fun learning environment such as a youth football game to turn into a threatening place that's not safe for kids.

You've no doubt seen videos of parents charging the field, usually searching for game officials. Or, other times overly-enthusiastic parents get involved with other overly-enthusiastic parents to the point where violence breaks out.

ABC 13 in Houston is reporting on an incident that happened this weekend at a youth football game in that city where a player's mother allegedly threatened to slap a member of the opposing team because that child tackled her son.

You can see the video here as it was presented on the ABC13 Houston Twitter page.

According to the ABC 13 report, the woman never actually touched the child but anytime an adult threatens to "slap" a 12-year-old there need to be consequences, especially if that child is not related to the alleged aggressor.

ABC 13 is reporting that Houston Police are looking into the incident. Meanwhile, the governing body of the Youth Football and Cheer Federation have taken steps to ensure this kind of incident will not happen again.

The Federation has banned the woman, her family, and her children from all Federation events. She has also been assessed a $200 fine and her son's now former team has been assessed a fine of $500 for not controlling the sideline.

CBS This Morning via YouTube
CBS This Morning via YouTube

The Federation hopes its swift and strong response to this incident will prevent any other unscrupulous activity at any of its events in the future. It's still unclear what the legal ramifications of this incident will be on the woman but there still could be charges filed.

The family of the child that was threatened said no one from the woman's family or the woman herself had reached out with an apology. I do hope that will happen. I do think an apology, a public one at that, is necessary because it's the right thing to do. It will also provide a learning moment for those kids that saw it unfold.

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