Growing up, I was surrounded by a grandmother, her best friend, and my Great Uncle that lived in their gardens. They grew up during the Great Depression, so they were not going to give up their gardens even after the fact. I always make the joke that I am the most country city boy ever. I would go from riding my bike and playing Nintendo to throwing hay bails, feeding cows, and cutting okra in my grandmother's garden. My uncle owned Jones' Nursery. It was actually located where the Miller Construction yard is now on Lake Street next to the Post Office.

As a result of hanging around these garden legends, I learned a ton of "wives' tales" about various signs things were about to happen in the weather. Between my Grandmother and my Great Uncle, they knew when the smallest changes in the weather were about to happen. One of my favorite tales I still use to this day is "Thunder in February, Cold Spell in April". I swear to you it's mostly right within a day or two in April. My mother and I still call each other when we hear thunder and write it on the calendar in April.

Another one I remember my uncle mentioning was the fact that Persimmon seeds can predict what type of winter you will have based on the shape of the seed when they are cut in half. You have 3 options on shapes when you look inside: Spoons, Forks, and Knives.

Spoons - We will be shoveling snow

Forks - Mild winter to be expected

Knife - Super frigid winds that will "cut" like a knife

This is totally not a scientific way to tell what is going to happen. Plus, this is Louisiana after all. Our weather is about as confused as a puppy trying to figure out which shoe of yours to poop in. However, I can tell you that a few listeners did send in their seed pictures in 2020 and they showed knives. That is the year we had a hard freeze in February 2021. The 2021 seeds showed forks and we got a mild winter. What are this year's seeds showing?

Howard Maddox
Howard Maddox

Howard Maddox showed off his findings in a tree he has near his house in Mittie, Louisiana. I realize this is "up north", but it could be a sign that we further south still might get some really cold weather. Maddox cracked the seeds open and found spoons inside.

Other commenters said they found the same in their seeds further south towards Kinder and Fenton. So could we get a cold winter this year with snow? Only time will tell, but don't forget about the persimmon seeds if we do.

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