The problem with having a lot of NFL super star talent is that you have to pay them. The challenge is paying them and staying below the salary cap. The Saints are in the middle of that challenge right now.

getty images/ Dilip Vishwanat

Jimmy Graham is certainly a super star. A lot would argue that he is the best tight end in then NFL. He is also a free agent and looking to get paid super star money. The challenge is giving him what he deserves and not increasing total payroll. The Saints have to look at finding revenue to cover Graham's increase in salary. That means cutting other salaries.

Wide receiver Lance Moor commands one of the highest salaries on the team and lost his starting job last season to rookie Kenny Stills. Moore must think he will be a salary cap cut because this morning he tweeted  “Thank you New Orleans for an amazing nine years. Who Dat Nation, the best on earth!!!"

Pierre Thomas is another Saint from the 09 Superbowl team who commands a high salary and could bring dividends in a trade. He did not play in the play offs last years and that opened the door for Mark Ingram to step up his game. That makes trading Pierre an attractive option to the money crunchers.

While Darren Sproles has definitely made an impact ... he also is due to make 3 million next year and that money would go a long way toward signing Jimmy Graham.

In the end it is all about the money. The Saints are not doing a lot of talking while they try to put together this year's team. There will be some moves though.