I love Christmas music. With the exception of two songs which shall remain unnamed in this article, I enjoy the majority of the festive tunes, but I do have my favorites.

As I see more Christmases come, and the faster they do, I realize the importance of moments and memories and remembering the true meaning of Christmas. I find that, all too often, we use that phrase-- "true meaning of Christmas"-- as a tag line.

These songs remind me to stop and cherish the things that matter. I appreciate you allowing me to share them with you.

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    "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

    Vince Vance & The Valiants feat. Lisa Layne

    When I hear this song on the radio, REAL radio, it signals the official start of the Christmas season for me. It will always and forever be one of my favorites! As long as it has been, I only learned the name of the lady actually singing the song! You better believe I turn it all the way up and sing my heart out every time I hear it.

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    "Please Come Home For Christmas"

    Charles Brown

    As soon as the bells strike, the smile breaks out. I can see my daddy grab my momma for a slow drag to this song each Christmas season when this song began to play. Charles Brown isn't just about Christmas. It's about south Louisiana memories.

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    "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

    Michael Buble'

    Doesn't this song just make you smile? I've always liked the song and Michael Buble'. This year, the Buble' family is going through something no family should have to endure. Michael's three-year-old son Noah was diagnosed with cancer just a couple of months ago. He is currently undergoing treatment, and Michael and his wife are devoting all their time to his care. When I hear this version of the song on the radio so beautifully done, I think about what a different Christmas it will be for that family. It makes me appreciate what I've got. Please say a prayer for little Noah and his mom and dad.

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    "Mary Did You Know?"

    Clay Aiken (or any artist will do!)

    For several years, this song held the number one slot on my list. It always makes me cry thinking about love and the ultimate sacrifice of and for love. It reminds me that Christmas is about family and the giving of ourselves more than it is about material things. Many artists have done wonderful renditions, and I haven't heard one yet I don't like. What a beautiful video for this particular version!

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    "A Baby Changes Everything"

    Faith Hill

    I must admit that I had forgotten about this song, and only rediscovered it this year. When I did, I listened and sobbed. My heart was filled with joy and overwhelming gratitude. What greater gift do I need? Faith does such a beautiful job with this amazing song, too.

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