Who are you siding with? Are you really sure?

Early voting is going on right now for the March 5th Presidential Primary. You must be a registered Republican or Democrat to cast your ballot in that particular election. However, when the polls open for the general election on November 8, 2016, you get to punch the button next to whichever name you want, provided you are a registered voter.

But which candidate, based on what he or she is saying today or has said all along, represents the moral, economic, diplomatic and social views you stand for?

A dear friend of mine who is fun, funny, and socially and morally aware posted a link to isidewith.com, and I was immediately intrigued. I checked it out myself, and was impressed by the site's creators. I believe they are attempting to cut through the mud and the muck to help voters choose a candidate that lines up with their own beliefs and ideals. They are also, I think, doing what they can to hold these candidates accountable in some small way. Kudos!

The 2016 Presidential Election Quiz is a series of well thought-out questions on a broad spectrum of important topics ranging from international diplomacy to immigration to social programs to health care to ISIS. Each questions allows the "taker" to answer simply or engage by including his or her input when necessary. I must admit, I was also surprised by my results.

Right now, there are essentially two names on the Democratic ballot. As I type, there are several on the Republican ticket, although the number is dwindling by the day. Ultimately, we will all have two major party candidates to choose from in November.

My hope is two-fold:

1) I hope that eligible people register to vote and then exercise that right. Whether or not the person we want ends up on the November ballot, it is our job as an electorate to decide who leads this country. It is our job. I'm broken-hearted by the nauseatingly low voter turnout for each election. It's an insult to my brothers, my cousins, my sister-in-law, my father, my grandfather, and my friends who fought so we had not only the right, but the privilege to walk behind that curtain.

2) I hope that we cast an intelligent ballot. I won't share my personal political views with you. That's not my place. What I want all of us to do is not follow the masses blindly. Make sure that you cast your vote for the person who truly represents what you want for our country and, more importantly, for your family.



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