Maybe the best part of a bowl of cereal is the gulping of the elixir that is left behind after all of the soggy remnants of cereal have been eaten. I am speaking of cereal milk. It’s not a beverage that gets the publicity of the Icee or Slurpee but it’s just as sugary and just as desired by kids of many ages.  

As a kid, I was not a milk drinker. My mom thought that I should be so she used motherly methods to make sure I was getting enough vitamin “C” as in Cow. That’s what she called it. I never argued.  Besides milk laced with the remnant frosting of Tony, the Tiger’s best had the tastes that kids craved.  

Yeah, Tony sure looked a lot different back in the 70s. I think it was his lavish lifestyle that finally pushed him into athletics as a way to cope with his blood sugar issues.

I am sure the desire by my parents to get me to drink more milk was well-intentioned. I recall one occasion where we were told to hurry and finish our cereal because there was a prize at the bottom of the bowl. When we finished, this is what my brothers and I saw. 

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That’s the actual bowl too. We all thought we were going to Disneyland. But as luck would have it, we just got the bowls.  And yes, they still exist at the house I grew up in today.  

Cereal milk has metamorphosized from the bottom of a cheap plastic bowl in the 70s to have a bona fide place in the world’s culinary palate. You’re just as likely to be offered cereal milk at an upscale restaurant as you are in a Japanese vending machine rest area.  

I am sure if you added milk to these donuts, that would make for a wonderful concoction. Okay, no, no it wouldn't.

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That got us wondering, what cereals make the best cereal milk. We posed the question and several hundred of you had a particular favorite. Cereal fans are loyal. And don’t go telling a Lucky Charm’s guy that Magic Marshmallows is the same thing. A true aficionado can tell the difference.  

I think the breakdown of flavors fell into three particular categories. There was chocolate. A lot of people like their chocolate. There was fruity, which also had a large number of brand-specific fans. And finally, there was just pure darn sweet. They don’t make numbers high enough to count the carbs in every swallow of this stuff.  

The 10 Cereals That Make the Best Cereal Milk