Everyone loves Tigers Stadium. Just a few years ago, the stadium went under a renovation and the school added more seats to accommodate over 102,000 fans.

But what if they did another construction project? What if they made the stadium look like some of these newer NFL stadiums that have retractable roofs?  What would that look like?

Well, we found this video on YouTube from a company called Minecraft Concepts that posted a virtual video of what the outside and inside of LSU's Tiger stadium would look like if a complete overhaul of the stadium would be done.

Let me tell ya, it looks bad to the bone. I would be all for this. If you have ever been to a game, you know how loud it can be during a game. Now imagine if the stadium had a roof and it was closed. It would be defining.

Check out what this company built virtually to show what the stadium would look like if it had a roof.

What ya think? I am all for it. Bring it on!

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