Perhaps you've been reading and hearing lately about if the day is a bones or no-bones day. What the heck is a bones day, which one is good, and how do we even know what that is?

I can't tell if I am surprised or not, but it all hinges on a 13-year-old pug named Noodle. Noodle's owner Jonathan Graziano is a TikTok user and decided to introduce his followers to Noodle. With Noodle being so old, sometimes he does not want to get out of his little bet and move around. That is where the "Bones Day" was invented. Each morning Graziano wakes up and goes over to Noodle's bed. As he wakes up the sleepy pug, he does it by standing him up. If Noodle stands up on his own, it's a "Bones Day", if he plops back down like we all want to do, it's a "No-bones Day".

As Noodle's day predictions got more and more popular, more and more people subscribed to see what type of day it was going to be. Consider it almost akin to a geriatric groundhog that comes out every day. In fact, so many people are jumping on the Bones Day train that Noodles is slowly becoming a celebrity with merchandise!

It doesn't stop there, big names are Tweeting out about the various days including Disney!

Is it really surprising that we are leaving our daily affirmation up to a geriatric dog? At this point in life, I personally am not. However, it is pretty inspirational when it is a bones day to get out there and get things done! Maybe we should just treat every day as a bones day!

Bones Days have swept the nation and everyone stays glued to see if Noodle is having a bones day or not. In case you are wondering, today is a No Bones Day.

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