Words have been a passion of mine for more than four decades. I love to hear the way the sound. I love to see the way they look. I love to try and figure out how to pronounce them. And, I am always intrigued to discover their meanings. Obviously, the rest of the world or at least the world that's online has similar interest words based on the growing popularity of the online game Wordle.

@kristian_foged via Twitter
@kristian_foged via Twitter

You may have seen posts on your Twitter feed or Facebook feed that look like the above post. It's a collection of different colored squares and based upon how well you did in the game, the colors displayed will vary. Hopefully, this explains why you're seeing all those yellow and green boxes where people used to post pictures of their drink or entree.

CBS Sunday Morning via YouTube
CBS Sunday Morning via YouTube

How Does Wordle Work?

Wordle is a daily game. Yeah, it only gives you one chance to play per day. Your mission is to guess the Wordle, that's what they call the daily puzzle, in six tries. You do this by playing a modified version of Wheel of Fortune or Hangman. 

You have six chances to guess the randomly selected five letter word. For each letter, you get correctly and in the correct spot the block will show green. If a letter is in the puzzle but is in the wrong spot the block will show up yellow. Now, if you input a word and none of the letters matches then you'll see a gray block

What makes Wordle so popular is actually three-fold. First, we've already mentioned you only get one puzzle per day. Second everyone on the planet is playing the exact same game, so you can share your thoughts with fellow players and commiserate just how easy or how tough a particular puzzle happened to be.

Third and probably the part that most people unknowingly like about Wordle is that you get to share your results with the rest of the class. You know how we love to share things on social media, right?

Children Using Smartphones
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As of now, the game is free to play but those of us who can read between the lines and Wordles know that the free ride is going to be coming to an end. The game was recently acquired by the New York Times. According to reports, the "Times" paid in the low seven figures for the rights to the game. 

Here's a tweet from yesterday from the game's inventor and creator.

Based on the information that we have gleaned from the Internet the Times does not anticipate charging for the game in the near term. They do not anticipate making any changes to the game's already popular format and distribution.  However, a spokesperson for the newspaper did utter these words, "right now, the game will be free to play".

So, you know what's coming.

Enjoy your Wordle while you can and remember you can always go back to playing Words With Friends or in my case "Words with people I used to be friends with", I am not a good game player, I guess. Oh, and these game platforms don't allow for Cajun spellings or made-up words so that's totally drigaille. Go ahead, look that one up, Mr Wordle.

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