Hey, did you realize the LSU Tigers are really popular in Louisiana? Man, talk about getting your mind blown, right? The New York Times released a new interactive infographic that shows the most popular college football team in each area of America.

Louisiana, as you can guess, is pretty much gold from border to border in support of the Tigers.  You can tell the state's borders pretty clearly, with the exception of some bleed-over into Southern Mississippi. (The map appears to only cover NCAA Division I schools, which would explain how McNeese doesn't make the cut, even in Calcasieu Parish).

At the same time, the map is pretty unscientific. It wasn't compiled using a survey, but rather ... wait for it ... Facebook "Likes."  And that makes sense when you go and look closely at the map -- how else could the Alabama Crimson Tide be the second or third most popular team across the same state that supposedly idolizes LSU?

If you head into North Louisiana, Louisiana Tech and ULM barely even make a dent.  I'm sure LSU is probably a little more popular than those teams, but neither get much higher than 20% of the "vote," in their own home parishes.  I find that a little hard to swallow.

According to the Times, Calcasieu Parish's most popular teams are LSU (over 73%), the Texas Longhorns (around 5%) and UL-L (around 3%).  At least we're keeping it somewhat local here in our corner of the state.

It's an interesting map, and of course, the whole point of maps like this -- and maybe even the whole Internet, if we're being honest -- is just to get people arguing.

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